Appleseed Entertainment was founded in 2006 by Ben Moses and Lynne Moses.

Both founders had been working in film & television for many years. Ben, best known as the creator and co-producer of Good Morning, Vietnam, has worked non-stop in radio, television and film his whole career and has won multiple Emmys for his documentary work, while Lynne has been steadily adding to her writing/directing/producing resume since her first feature screenplay was produced in 2002 (Cupid’s Prey).

Together now as Appleseed, they focus primarily on documentaries and narrative theatrical films. The company develops and produces original film projects generated by its founding partners, as well as those originated by third parties. Appleseed also works with clients to bring their projects to life. The company’s services have ranged from full scale developing, writing, directing and producing to co-writing feature screenplays and re-editing works in progress.


Ben Moses
Since co-founding Appleseed Entertainment in 2006, he has produced or executive produced the company’s narrative films and has taken the lead on the company’s documentary films …More


Lynne Moses
Since co-founding Appleseed Entertainment, Lynne has produced or executive produced the company’s documentaries and has taken the lead on the company’s narrative films …More



Filmmaking is our contribution to making the world a better place. By “better,” we mean more peaceful, more compassionate and healthier for people and the environment. At Appleseed we are constantly seeking entertaining stories that open people’s minds by touching their hearts.

Through our work, we have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of people at home and abroad who hold a wide variety of worldviews.  Some of these views we might share, others we might not. What we look for in a project is alignment of its essential objective with our philosophy. In this way, we have had the privilege of not only working on a variety of wonderful films with important messages, but also the chance to appreciate and befriend an ever expanding circle of people who are also sincerely working to make the world a better place.